Mass Meditation Tsunamis transform into soothing continuous meditative ripples of pure light and love. 

These gentle rolling meditation waves are now flowing around the clock and around the world, by individual or small group meditations of trios of no more than five people per meditation event.

Apply the tri-sphere configuration (optional, however recommended) meditation to focus, guide, protect and manifest success, which is important but optional. Using the tri-sphere model of three people meditating together and joining other trio’s creates a very powerful waves of light inwardly, and ripples the waves of light within the inner universe of the body, which will assist all in the final phase for the breakthrough of light.

Guidance had been received that outward mass meditations fulfilled their purpose successfully and a ripple flow of individual meditations are appropriate and beneficial at this time. As we witness a critical time in human evolution and earth’s ascension, we note that massive numbers of consciousness and life force energy were being hacked during many mass meditations via dark occultists that are not of the light, and who serve a purpose that is not of the highest good for all of humanity.

Interference may come in the form of intruding negative thoughts or just happen on the etheric/astral levels, and manifests as a drop in energy or low mood. Therefore, to develop the ability to handle intruding negative thoughts, safeguard the collective consciousness from harmful thoughts and contamination, is vital, as well as beneficial for mental clarity in our daily lives.

The most important thing to observe is that meditations should be contained from within, without outside projections. All from within, in purity, from the deep silence, which exists within all, as we connect to God/Source.

To prevent confusion over the benefits of internal vs. external meditations and mass meditations, it is important to clarify that the question is not debating the pros and cons of mass meditations. We all know its power, which has been scientifically proven and confirmed. The question is, which form of mass meditation to apply? Is producing “external” energy columns and opening portals at this time a wise strategy, or should we turn inward and still connect? Are one-time external tsunami bursts befitting now, or gentle internal continuous waves more appropriate?

They both are mass meditations. Let us not let this issue divide us, as we share the same purpose. The question is which tactical formation of the mass meditation is appropriate to apply to each given stage of the present breakthrough process. Think about it as an antibiotic in slow release of an IV drip, or a large mega dose in one shot? A hammer or screwdriver? Which tool to apply appropriately? This is a tactical decision and not an emotional one.

Following proper etheric etiquette for dark transmutation and protection and keeping the astral plane clear is vital, while we continue our soul’s purpose in being God’s light and love.


The Triune (trio) Meditation model is simple if you want to follow it, then, in a group of three forming a trio, allowing each one to feel, guide and give feedback to one another, in an effective rewarding way; thus, it is more of a meditation study group.

Trios are three souls completing the same soul elemental family; sharing strong soul connections, trios know each other and are connected on soul levels beyond understanding and words. When they unite, they are protected, safe from disruptions and can manifest miracles.

Each trio consists of three people, born 4 months apart, grouped according to their zodiac sign: WATER: Pisces-Cancer-Scorpio, FIRE: Aries-Leo-Sagittarius, EARTH: Taurus- Virgo- Capricorn, AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), energetically when combined, each trio forms a super-soul. The unity achieved through this configuration compensates for the small numbers in manifestation abilities.

Meditation Collective consisting of Three Concentric Spheres:

1- Trinity Manifestation Sphere (Core)

2- Energy Sphere (Intermediate)

3- Guardians Sphere (Outer)


The Trio structure: (roles each one may perform)

1- Manifestation Sphere: The intent holder. Manifesting and holding the inner core intent and supporting it with energy from the surrounding energy sphere to manifest the purpose of the intent.

2- Energy Sphere: The anchor. Regulates and maintains momentum, surrounding the manifestation sphere, supplying it with the energy to sustain its momentum.

3- Guardian Sphere: The protector. Protects from negative interference and maintains the flow of the intent. Provides protection for the other two spheres guarding them from scattered or misdirected dark energies and diminishing the dark energies by making a decision to choose the best timeline manifesting for the intent, while focusing the energy sphere towards manifesting the Intent.

One way to visualize the trio is that it is a unity. A single person is considered a trio, pending uniting with the other two aspects of their element. Once the elements unite, we experience great manifesting energies available to us and more coverage and protection.


The Meditation Intent:

“We offer our pure continuous wave of God’s light through us, manifesting and bringing an end of suffering, end of trauma end of pain, end of fear and replacing them with abundance of Bliss, Contentment, Love and Security”.

Trio meditations are contained within the pure core of your inner being, without outside projections. In purity, from the deep silence, which exists within all of us, we are connected to God/Source, via higher self-aspects from within our core. The most successful and safer meditative results will be achieved from within our self and our trio.

Our inner God connection is available at every moment in the now presence, when we connect deeply into a loving and kind heart, this aligns us with the zero point, and this energetic balance must be held in the mind and then anchored in the body to defend from spiritual attacks.

Important note to guardians:

The onset of the “attack” manifests an accelerated flow of unpleasant thoughts and feelings triggered by disturbance. This needs knowledge and practice. If you feel emotions and thoughts flowing quicker this is the precursor of what is referred to as “attacks”. While in the Guardian Sphere, it means we have detected an attack, deflected it and defended the trio.

Gently halt the connection with the trio and diminish the thought by simply redirecting your focus to your breath and exhale the thought or feeling out, do not "inhale" energy into it, and visualize the light you are receiving from source and settle again in the inner feeling of your inner being, emanating beauty, joy, peace, love and waves of light. Then, simply connect back to your trio if you are in this arrangement

The “down” feeling one feels is because of depleted energy. Let that not scare you and do not take the attack personally, we thank ourselves for being able to recognize that attack and to deflect it through focusing our attention back to our inner core.

If you wish to change your position from guardian sphere to another sphere, share and discuss it with your trio and exchange spheres positions.


Inward Meditation Steps

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your abdomen and feel your breath flow deeper and fuller.  

Take a full and deep breath, bring your awareness to your brain, then feel the mind. Now, calm the mind.

When the mind is calm, with your intent, command the mind to slowly join with the Navel/Sacred Womb.

Feel the presence of the mind in the Navel/Sacred Womb.

Now feel the warmth, acceptance, peace, feel how all is present.  

Bring your awareness to your heart. Feel your heartbeat and observe the emotions you are feeling. Now, listen to these emotions and assure yourself that it is okay to feel. It is safe now.  

When the heart is calm, with your intent, command the heart to flow down and then feel your heart merging with your navel/sacred womb.  

Feel the presence of the heart and mind in the navel centre. *Now, feel the warmth, feel acceptance, and feel peace as it is present, always  

Go internally not externally to the deep core within, which connects you through earth to the universe then with God. Stay focused on the earth, while maintaining the dimensional link with all versions of reality and timelines. See, feel, and hear the cleansing waves of light flowing over, through and under the Earth.  

State the intent to offer your pure continuous wave of God/Source light via your Higher Self, by bringing an end to suffering, trauma, pain and fear, and manifesting it, replacing these emotions and feelings with abundance of Bliss, Contentment, Love and Security. 

So Be it and So It Is!

  (*This is a starting point of INNER FOCUS, which you can begin with in any practice of any other meditations or astral states you choose. It simply insures no outside projections.)   

Hold this intent for the full duration of the meditation. 


Join the rolling wave meditation continuously around the clock and around the world. 

Do it alone or/and with your trio, stay connected to the intention 24/7, after you finish your focused 30 minutes session.

With your faith and passion, you can make it happen. This is a time of personal empowerment, balance and unity of intentions for ourselves and all living beings.

Start when you can individually or in a trio. Meditate at a time that suits you daily and hold the intent all day in your heart, while following through your normal daily schedule.

This the intent wave of God's light that will continue washing through the world continuously.

Program your mind and higher self, so that any time any distracting or disruptive thoughts come through, to gently halt the connection with the collective consciousness, and to diminish the thought, by replacing it with the decision to choose the best timeline. 

Manifest the intent, which is for the highest good for all of humanity. Once clear and centered, connect inward and continue with the same steps if so guided.

As we are also clearing major mental, emotional, and physical blocks, the type of energy we engage requires the flow of clear channels. It is expected that many issues and blocks will come up to be released. If we are used to only external meditations, it will take a bit to adjust too.

Because of the habit of most meditators, the energy will want to flow upward and outwards, but let your focus allow you to gently bring your attention back inwardly, through the navel, through the creation gate, and the womb.

This is a great opportunity to clear whatever thoughts and emotion come forth, you can think of it as bubbles rising and reaching the surface, then vanishing away. Acknowledge the feelings and their cause, then cut the cords, and retrieve the part of your soul, which you invested with that person or in the situation. Forgive the other, forgive the situation and forgive yourself. 

Then, call back your soul fragment to return to you, making you whole and complete and re-gaining your full energy back to wholeness. Give this time and keep going. Once all the channels are cleared, the energy influx you experience will be amazing.

If you do not feel up to it one day and wish to just lay back or was busy during trio meditating time, then you can also choose to excuse yourself from connecting with the trio, and still practice exactly at the same time with the trio. Unlike the 3D mind, the higher self can be directed to carry out our sphere’s position and do it proficiently and more complete. In fact, it is the higher self that does all the work. The only thing we need to do is to quiet our minds and calm the feelings and heart, and become one with yourself heart, mind and soul.

Note: Once the intent is set and connection with Trio established, we can interrupt. We don’t have to be sitting down during that time just place an "Intent" to be there with your (higher self) joining your Trio partners meditating in spirit, then set our Intent on continuing on a higher self level as long as we don’t interact with words or other people’s energies, we must be in silence. Silence from words, thoughts and emotions. The meditation can include making tea or anything that will not trigger shift in emotional states.

Always remain in total awareness and containment of your energies inside your aura and direct it through the portal in your Navel. Refuse drama and engaging in unnecessary draining of energies with others and focus on the loving intent.


This hand position during the 3 minds helps

connecting the Navel, heart and mind

Please note, for women use the left hand upwards  thumb at heart centre level and the right hand parallel to and below the navel. 

For men, switch the hands around. 



Practice Summary:

In meditation times, hold the intention only to God/Source, with no intermediaries in between, internally and on a soul level, without outward projections, do this daily, and stay connected to your higher-self individually or with Trios all the time. By doing this, we will see this change happening to the world.

We are also underlying now to keep our meditation practice as a journey within, connecting to our Soul within, instead of opening portals outside to the Universe. Another recommendation is to keep small meditation groups of maximum 5 people and to avoid big gatherings or mass external meditations during this time. The time for these large gatherings is not now; mass inward meditations are always welcome.

Commune in pure love and light and emanate it out to the world. We are all needed, to uphold only God/Source light and to not allow the abuse and suffering to continue in any way.

We can make the change by shining our light inward and to firmly uphold the intention for a free, loving, and peaceful world.

So be it. So it is.

Useful Tips: 

- Start your day by stating your intent and visualizing a continuous wave of “God’s light, bringing an end to suffering, trauma, pain and fear and replacing it with bliss, contentment, love and security"

- Concentrate your energy and integrate your soul, you can add this powerful statement to your intentions: "I request the following for myself in all versions, and on all inter- dimensional levels, for all energy bodies into infinity, in all aspects of time, on all subconscious, conscious and super-conscious levels, throughout eternity”. · 

- If any distracting or disruptive thought comes through, gently halt the connection with the trio and diminish the thought by simply redirecting your focus to your breath and exhale the thought or feeling out, do not “Inhale” energy into it, and visualize the light you are receiving from source and settle again in the feeling of your inner being, emanating beauty, joy, peace, love, waves of white light. Then, simply connect back to your trio if you are in this arrangement. · 

- Follow what aligns naturally to you, eyes open or closed, visualize or feel the outcome and feel the effects of the brilliant light wave cleansing all suffering, struggles, bringing happiness and love to the people of the earth. · 

- Stay within your beautiful light and inner being, do not project, do not fight, do not go anywhere or face anything. Simply be the light for 30 minutes and in connection to the world around you see it as you wish it to be. · 

- Stay in your energetic shield with your energy contained and not projected elsewhere. · 

Examples of projecting Energy (NOT TO DO): 

Connecting the crown to a column of light, connecting to the grid through the feet and extending energy outside your auric field from the crown or heart, hands and feet, connecting through the crown to “guides” or “ascended masters”. All connections should be felt inwardly from the Navel. 

Always remain in total containment to your energies inside your aura and direct it through the portal in your Navel.

May peace be with All.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- What is the role of a Guardian?

A guardian is one who is securing the Trio. So the super soul formed can perform its role with ease, knowing that one part of it is in charge of the protection. Guardian detects any negative interference or external interception of the meditation process, and is able to neutralize it, they also maintain the broader flow of the intent.

2- What is the role of Energy Holder?

The Energy Holder provides, regulates and directs source energy towards the Intent Holder and the trio to manifest the intent.

3- How to select our roles?

You feel what suits you best, and select the one you resonate with and can do with ease and flow.

4- What to do if I feel negative emotions rising? 

Disconnect from your Trio and the meditation process by simply visualizing a “shutter”, temporarily disconnecting you from the trio until emotions stabilize.

Connect to your centre, breath and exhale the thought or feeling out, do not “Inhale” energy into it. Diminish the dark energies by making a decision to choose the best timeline manifesting for the intent. Take a deep breath, center and resume getting into the meditation again. This is a precept that some form of attacks happening, be alert not to allow it to get into the meditation flow. Clear it, then resume. 

**See Primordial breathing.

5- What does it mean if I sleep after meditating 20 minutes, but I remain feeling good? 

Your higher soul needed to work better while your physical body rests.

6- What does it mean if I sleep during meditation, and have a sense of heaviness?

Etheric work consumes more energy than physical activities, yet its also more rewarding provided we maintain our energy economics and not invest it in fruitless dramas. It may also be that your mind-body are exhausted and you need to rest for your higher soul to work. The sense of heaviness could be due to several reasons, it depends on your own feeling of whether this is coming from a need to detox, let go of some emotions, or is it a collective feeling that as an empath you are sensing.

7- What do the images I see in meditation mean?

You could also be offered glimpses of the etheric world, note them for later, but do not follow through. Share them afterwards with your trio, you may find that their insights compliment or add clarity to yours. Or all 3 insights blend into a more complete one. 

8- What if I start having personal messages during the meditation?

Remaining in concurrence with your intent is vital for the success of these meditations. For this hour, and the 30 minutes of physically sitting for the meditation you need to remain focused inwardly on the intent, it is a training for us to hold our intent. Since if we are not in control of our minds and thought someone else is...

9- How do I connect with the Trios?

By intention, you see your soul chakra (20 cm above your head) connecting to each one of the Trio, and get into your meditation flow.

10- Can I do the whole one hour connected in spirit? Or do I have to sit down and meditate for 30 minutes then remain in connection o my higher soul?

It’s up to you, you decide; on the agreed upon time where you start your meditation sitting down and do the practice, as you come out remaining in connection to your Trio and you may go about doing things, but try to maintain an inner silence of the mind. If saving the world requires 30 minutes of your day, will you do it?

11- How do I remain in connection to the intention 24 hours?

When you start your day, set the intention and assign your higher self to sustain and manifest the pure wave of God’s light through us, manifesting and bringing an end of suffering, end of trauma end of pain, end of fear and replacing them with abundance of Bliss, Contentment, Love and Security. Periodically during the day, connect to the navel,  check and reaffirm the intent.

12- Why are the Trios, formed from the same element?

On a social level, signs of the same element usually enjoy the best interactions as friends. With a common level of familiarity and understanding. This meditation configuration allows it to evolve and to expand organically and efficiently.

Each Trio consists of three born 4 months apart grouped according to their zodiacsign (WATER: Pisces-Cancer-Scorpio, FIRE: Aries-Leo-Sagittarius, EARTH: Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn, AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), energetically when combined, each Trio forms a super-soul. The unity achieved through this configuration compensates for the small manifestation abilities.

13. Please explain why “Sacred Womb” is mentioned in the meditation?

Women embody a sacredness within their wombs. It is the women who birth the child.  Men also came from the womb and their soul arrived through this portal. We form from our navel as a fetus. The womb is the energy store of the body. The sacred Life Force Energy is birthed here. In this case, when you meditate for the planet, new consciousness or light is birthed into existence and anchored via the higher self within the physical vessel or body, and this is a powerful tool of manifestation.  




Removing Negative Thoughts through the Primordial Breath

The first breath taken after birth is the final projection from the soul realm to this 3D physical plane. The duality between the heart & mind represents the separation between the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems. One simple technique to synchronize them and practically reset the entire energetic system, is through the Primordial Breath Meditation.

The moment a negative thoughts, panic attack or worry arise, follow these steps:

1. Immediately pause breathing then begin to exhale completely while visualizing the thought or feeling being guided out of your system and visualize them disintegrate into random pixels then vanish. Continue to hold the breath after the exhalation until the urge is irresistible to inhale. You will notice that during holding the exhalation that the thought ceased to exist, there is also a burst of energy and emergence of the “2nd lung”. You have overridden the trigger mechanism of the thought by the most powerful mechanism in nature: the survival mechanism, thus resetting and raising the reference levels to the stress triggers.

2. When you can no longer hold your breath, take the most deep full breath similar to the first breath of a newly born baby, including the sound as natural as it feels. Feel the fullness of the breath, and how nourishing and recharging this feels. Take command over your mind, and allow your mind to only process thoughts upon your request and approval. I also realize, that fear based thoughts don't exist any longer as they were aspects of damaged timelines that were deleted by the Primordial Breath meditation.

3. Continue to breathe deeply and repeat as necessary until you take total command over your thinking processing.

Wisdom Discernment of the Three Brains

  • Consider all possibilities as potentially valid but none as necessarily true.
  • Meditate, center yourself and connect with your higher self then to the source from within and without. (cellular to galactic)
  • Consult your 3 brains: logic, feelings & intuition over the subject:

           1. what does logic say? 

           2. how do I feel about it? 

           3. what is my first impression (gut feeling)? 

           4. Then take a vote